Online forex market presents one of the best opportunities of making massive gains as compared to any other market in the entire world. This is because you are provided with extra money to a tune of 100 times your capital size or even more in form of leverage which is automatically added to your account as you execute a trade and which you never have to apply for unlike in other markets that require a complicated loan application process which you are not assured of in the first place.

The greatest advantage of using leverage is that if you make profit from the borrowed money it is all added to your account and thus no wonder it has been said that being a profitable trader is probably the best job on the planet but getting there requires patience and dedication to learn since if you were to make a loss it would also be subtracted from your capital.

Our advanced training course will teach you how to make as much as 2 times the amount of money you risk. E.g If you risk $100 in a trade, your potential earning will be $200 and if you were to only take 20 trades in a month which is an average of 1 trade per day and you win 10 and lose 10, then your profit will be $ 2,000 and a loss of $ 1,000 thus giving you a net profit of $1, 000 (ksh 100, 000). This you can achieve and even much more as your capital grows. If you would like to learn how to trade, click here to create a lessons account and start your classes.