What is ‘50k to 1 million' trading challenge?

These are accounts which I am trading from 50k all the way to 1 million strictly following the trading strategies that you will learn. The main purpose of this program is to offer training on the power of risk; reward ratio where for every $50 I risk I will aim to make a minimum of $100. I cannot predict well in advance how long this program will run but once I move the 50k to 100k I will then move 100k to 200k, 200k to 400k, 400k to 800k and finally to the 1 million mark. Trades are simultaneously executed in both a live and demo account strictly following the trading strategies you will learn in both accounts (Patrick).

Has it been done before ?


N/B. There will be no requirement for you to deposit money in your account to follow my trades. You will follow trades in this trading challenge from my own demo account and live account (Patrick). Depositing money in your own live account will be your own personal decision when you will be ready to trade a live account. 

To follow 50K To 1 Million trading challenge trades as you continue to learn how to trade log into your lessons account to access trade details. All the new updates of trades executed in the ‘50K To 1 Million’ trading challenge will be on our ‘myfxtips’ telegram channel. If you are yet to join/register, click here to first join our channel after which you will be guided further.